Where do you find seamoss?

Sea moss is found along the shores of the Atlantic, mainly between North America and Europe, in the warmer waters of Asia, South America and Africa and some parts of the Caribbean. The plant also produces a thickening agent called carrageenan. Sea moss, as we know it, grows in many different places around the world. It is known that the Caribbean is the region where the movement resumed after remaining inactive since the Irish potato famine of the mid-1840s.

There are different types of seaweed that are known as Irish sea moss.

Sea Moss

is surprisingly common in the United States, with stores like Walmart selling it online. You can find lots of supplements and raw sea moss on Amazon, but make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Target has a limited selection of sea moss products, although it does have hair care stocks made with the superfood.

Your local Walmart probably already has sea moss, but you might not have noticed. Atlantic Gold Sea Moss states that it ships premium, top-quality, organic, ocean-grown products, while supporting sustainable ocean agriculture.